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Lesson Transcript

Welcome back, watchers! This week will be about 10 compliments you always want to hear. Let’s go!
1. Vous êtes un ami génial. “You are an awesome friend.”
Well, if you’re a friend, you wouldn’t be using the polite language with them so it’s more like, ‘Tu es un ami génial.’ “You are an awesome friend.”, but more casual with friends. For example, when your friend just broke up and he is calling you crying and you listen to him a lot and he says, ‘Ah, tu es un ami génial, merci.’ “You’re an awesome friend, thanks.” When your friend gives you the birthday present you really wanted and you’re like, “Wow, you’re an awesome friend!” Tu es un ami génial. “You got the best present ever!”
2. Vous avez de bons goûts. “You have a good taste.”
Or you can also say the shorter form, ‘Vous avez bon goût.’ “You have a good taste.” If someone comes into your home and it’s all nicely decorated and fancy and the guest will be like, ‘Ah, vous avez bon goût.’ “You have a good taste.”
3. Vous avez un grand sens de l'humour. “You have a great sense of humor.”
I know right? Yeah, if you are the joking one at the party and the funny one, the one who always speak and make everyone laugh. Ah, vous avez un grand sens de l'humour. Please be tasty with your jokes.
4. Vous êtes magnifique. “You look gorgeous.”
Well, thank you very much! And you look gorgeous too! I love you watchers.
5. Beau travail! “Good job!”
For learning so much French, good job! If you manage to keep up with all these videos, then you’re doing a good job and I’m sure your French is improving every day a tiny bit. Keep it up!
6. Cette veste vous va très bien. “This jacket looks nice on you.”
I could have gotten my jacket, but I didn’t. Sometimes when you’re on the street and someone stops you, ‘Oh, cette veste vous va très bien. Où l'avez-vous trouvée?’ “Oh, this jacket looks nice on you. Where did you find it?”. I know, I just bought it for cheap in a second-hand shop. It’s very unique.
7. Vous êtes encore plus beau de l'intérieur que de l'extérieur. “Your inside is even more beautiful than your outside.”
Well, if you are a really kind person and generous and awesome, then you’re also beautiful on the inside. So if you’re both beautiful on both sides, you’re the best!
8. Vous me donnez envie d'être une meilleure personne. “You make me want to be a better person.”
Ah, such nice of you. If you can inspire people then they will tell you that.
9. Vous êtes doué(e) avec les mots. “You have a way with words.”
If you can convince people and if you talk nicely in a very eloquent manner, “you have a way with words” vous êtes doué(e) avec les mots. You look really nice, blah, blah, blah… “You have a way with words.” Vous êtes doué(e) avec les mots.
10. Votre sourire est magnifique. “Your smile is beautiful.”
You’re beautiful! If you want to hear that, brush your teeth three times a day. Yeah, when you make someone laugh and they smile widely and they are happy then your smile is beautiful, you can say that. Votre sourire est magnifique. It makes him laugh even more.
So if you want to learn more French, don’t forget to check FrenchPod101 and we will see you next week. Bye watchers! Stay awesome. Cute.