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Lesson Transcript

Welcome back, watchers! Today we are going to learn about what adjective describes your personality best. Let's go!
1. intelligent "smart"
"Are you smart?" Êtes-vous intelligent?
"I'm the smartest." Je suis la plus intelligente.
or Je suis le plus intelligent, if you’re a guy.
2. émotif "emotional"
I remember that one time I got really emotional because we ate all the apples, and there was the last apple standing by itself, and I got really sad for the apple because it was all alone.
Les films me rendent émotif. "Movies make me emotional."
And then when the guy loves a girl but he dies in the end, and then they cannot be together ever again, like in The Bridges of Madison County, this was super sad and made me emotional.
"What makes you emotional?" Qu'est-ce qui vous rend émotif?
Leave a comment and tell me.
3. cool "cool"
You can just draw the cool sunglasses on my face.
"I am so cool." Je suis trop cool.
4. honnête "honest"
Je vais être honnête avec vous. "I'm going to be honest with you."
This is one simple sentence you don't want to hear because then something really bad is going to follow that.
5. paresseux "lazy"
"You are very lazy." Vous êtes très paresseux.
Paresseux is also the French name for "sloths”.
"I am very lazy." Je suis très paresseuse.
"Being lazy is nice." Être paresseux, c'est bien.
From time to time.
6. drôle "funny"
"I'm not funny." Je ne suis pas drôle.
"Of course I'm funny." Bien sûr je suis drôle.
"What's so funny?" Qu'est-ce qu'il y a de si drôle?
7. romantique "romantic"
"I had a romantic weekend." J’ai passé un week-end romantique.
"A romantic dinner." Un dîner romantique.
Un dîner aux quatre chandelles is what we call a romantic dinner, it’s saying you put up candles and have a nice dinner with your significant other.
Hi guys, so romantic.
8. sérieux "serious"
"I'm super serious." Je suis super sérieux.
"A serious subject." Un sujet sérieux.
"My teacher is very serious." Mon professeur est très sérieux.
9. amical "friendly"
"This cat is very friendly." Ce chat est très amical.
It's not true, he's just tricking you to give him food, and then it will slash your fase when you’re asleep.
"She is very friendly." Elle est très amicale.
10. grincheux "bad tempered"
This is also the name of the dwarf in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Grincheux is the one that's always grumpy, so you can also say grumpy. So in French it’s Grincheux.
"My grandma is really bad-tempered." Ma grand-mère est très grincheuse.
11. généreux "generous"
Yeah, sometimes, if you are my friend and you don't have money and I would pay everything for you, and you don't have to give it back because you're my friend.
"He was very generous and gave all his money to charity."
Il fut très généreux et donna tout son argent à une oeuvre de charité.
"A generous serving," une portion généreuse, when you get a big amount of food on your plate.
12. artistique "artistic"
"This painting is very artistic."
Cette peinture est très artistique. Or better, ce tableau est très artistique.
13. poli "polite"
"She is very polite." Elle est très polie.
"I'm not very polite." Je ne suis pas très polie.
"I should be more polite." Je devrais être plus polie.
Etre poli aux repas de famille. "To be polite during family dinner."
14. indécis "indecisive"
"I'm really indecisive about the next sample sentence." Je suis très indécise à propos de la prochaine phrase.
"I’m really indecisive about what I should have for dinner." Je suis très indécise à propos de ce que je vais manger pour dîner.
Because I like food but I can’t eat too much at night.
"To be indecisive," être indécis.
15. gentil "kind"
C'est très gentil de ta part. "This is really kind of you."
So it’s the end for this week, but if you want to learn more French, visit FrenchPod101.com, somewhere around. And we'll see you next time! Bye-bye!
énergique "energetic"
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Give me a L! give me a Y! give me an A! Yeah!
I'm also very energetic today. Energetic!


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