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Welcome back, watchers! Have you been studying alright? Because this time we are going to talk about 10 phrases for bad students! Here we go!
Were you a good student? I know I was. Let’s see what it’s about. First one is…
1. dormir en classe "sleep in class"
I used to do that. Je dors en classe près du radiateur. "I sleep in class next to the heater."
So it's a trick for it is to go in the back of the class and near the heater when it's winter, and then you can sleep in a warm and comfy place on your desk, and if you got the biggest dude of the class just sitting in front of you, it's perfect, because your teacher can't see you anymore.
2. échouer à un cours "fail a class"
At least I never did, so.
"If you fail a class, you have to repeat it." Si on échoue à un cours, on va le redoubler.
So, yeah, don't fail your class, because then you have to take it again and again, and you don't like it, so please pass it the first time, this way it's done and over, which is nice.
3. fainéant, or fainéante (for feminine) "lazy"
I’m so lazy.
J'étais trop fainéant et je n'ai pas fait mes devoirs. "I was lazy and didn't do my homework."
Bad student, bad! Then you have to come up with excuses for why you didn't do your homework, like my dog my paper.
4. ne pas aller en classe "skip class"
What do you do when you are skipping class leave it in the comments for the other students.
"If you skip class, you gotta get a notice." Si vous n'allez pas en classe, vous allez recevoir une notice.
And then your parents get angry at you and cut your allowance.
5. brutaliser "bully"
That's super mean! Don't do that. This is not even being a bad student, it's just being a bad person.
"Don't bully people!" Ne brutalisez pas les gens!
I was bullied a lot.
6. plagiat "plagiarism”
Or actually we say “to copy”, copier.
We're gonna copy someone's homework.
“Give me your homework so I can copy it!" Passe-moi tes devoirs, que je puisse les copier!
7. remettre à plus tard “to procrastinate"
We also say procrastiner.
"I like procrastinating."
J'aime procrastiner. Or, J'aime remettre à plus tard.
And there is the last day and you didn't do it ,and you get your four pages long paper to write and you got no idea on where to start, and then you're hopeless, and then you pull out an all-nighter, and then you're sad and tired and everything. Try to not procrastinate, even if we could do it a bit.
8. tricher à un examen "cheat on a test"
Like if you got sleeves, instead of writing on your hand, because you can see, you can put it on the back of your sleeves. Or when the teacher distribute your papers, then I would not stuff and there's a paper on the table, and then put the paper back on, and be like, and then when you can start the test you just have all the answer and everything on the table and you can just put the paper back on the table.
So what's your trick to cheat on the test? Leave it in the comments to help the other bad students.
9. élève absentéiste "truant"
That's kind of a harsh word, one with absence from school without permission. Usually the bad guys would do this, and not come to school and you can just see them outside smoking cigarettes and being all rebellions and not come to class.
Un élève absentéiste fait l'école buissonnière. "A truant is doing ’bush school’.”
that's how we call it in French because you would just go hide behind the bushes instead of going to school.
10. "chatterbox" pipelette
It sounds a bit feminine but we use it for both genders, and it's someone who talks a lot and always be like… in class, and the teacher would turn around angrily, stop speaking in my class! Go outside!
On m'a mis dehors car je suis une pipelette. "I was put outside of the class because I am a chatterbox."
And it’s the end. So what are your bad student tips? Tell me in the comments, and you can be a good student and subscribe to learn more French, or check the website to learn more stuff, because it’s better than school, rights? So we’ll see you next time, à bientôt!