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Lesson Transcript

Hey watchers and welcome to this week’s new top words and this week will be 25 French Verbs. Here we go!
1. être, to be.
To be or not to be Être ou ne pas être.
What do you want to be when you grow up? Qu'est-ce que tu veux être plus tard? or Qu'est-ce que tu veux être quand tu grandiras?
2. avoir, to have.
Don’t forget that verbs in French are conjugated. So it’s a pain to learn, and never use avoir by itself.
I have, j’ai.
J'ai des cheveux bruns. I have brown hair.
3. faire, to do.
Faire something, something, like faire du vélo, would be, like, “to bike”, but literally you are “doing bike”. Faire la cuisine. To cook, to do the cooking, or something like that.
What do you like to do? Qu'est-ce que tu aimes faire? if you are asking for hobbies. Tell me what you like to do in the comments, watchers.
4. dire, to say
Je dis beaucoup de bêtises. I say a lot of silly things, but that’s why you like me.
What can I say? Qu'est-ce que je peux dire? I don’t know.
5. pouvoir, can.
Yes, you can! Oui nous pouvons!
Can you do a Rubik’s cube? Est-ce que tu peux faire un Rubik’s cube?
6. aller, to go.
Just go….va-t-en! Go away! You don’t use it with French people. They are going to get mad at you.
Go walking, aller se balader; or go in the kitchen, aller à la cuisine; to go on a trip, aller voyager.
7. Voir, to see.
I can’t see anything. Je ne peux rien voir. Boo! Peeka-boo!
You cannot see me. On ne peut pas me voir. Yeah.
8. vouloir, to want.
I want to rock right now! Je veux rocker maintenant. Sound so lame…
I want candy, Je veux des bonbons.
What do I want? Everything.
I want lasagna. Je veux des lasagnes. I’m not Garfield.
9. venir, to come.
Tu dois venir t'amuser avec nous. please come play with us. Come to Mundo!! Ta-da!
You can come with us. Tu peux venir avec nous, it’s the way French people will invite you. So yeah, sure, come! Ouais viens.
10. devoir, must.
Devoir is also “homework” because it’s something you must do. It also means “duty”. It’s an eclectic word. You can use it for so many things.
You have to do your homework. Tu dois faire tes devoirs.
Je dois faire la vaisselle. I have to do the dishes, or else it stinks.
11. prendre, to take.
You can take the train, prendre le train, or you can take something, prendre quelque chose.
You can take your time, prendre son temps. Lazy!
12. trouver, to find.
I found something. J'ai trouvé quelque chose!
It’s a bottle of water again because that’s my only prop today. Yeah.
I found the solution. J'ai trouvé la solution. Did I find the solution? no, I didn’t because I messed it up. Well, it should go here and you have to cross. Then you do the next one.
J'ai trouvé de quoi manger. I found something to eat. Finally I won’t be starving anymore.
13. donner, to give.
To give money, donner de l'argent. please give money to Lya.
Donner un cadeau for someone’s birthday, to give a present.
14. falloir, need to.
It’s more have to’s and need to. Need to.
I need to do my hair. Il faut que je me coupe les cheveux.
Il faut que je pense à une phrase. I need to think of a sentence. Ah this one fits!
15. parler, to speak.
You can speak a language. Parler une langue.
Speak French! Parlez français! My chair is squeaky and my spoon is too big.
Je ne te parle plus! I am not speaking to you anymore.
16. mettre, to put.
To put something on your head, mettre quelque chose sur sa tête, like a hat.
To put your clothes, on mettre ses vêtements.
17. savoir, to know.
I know everything. Je sais tout!
Remember, no one knows everything. Souvenez-vous, personne ne sait tout.
Savoir in French is also “knowledge”, it’s the same word.
18. passer, to pass.
On lui passe un truc. To pass something on.
Also work in sport. passe, passe, passe, but I won’t catch it. I did!
19. regarder, to watch.
To watch a movie, regarder un film.
To watch a match, regarder un match, or whatever you want.
Go Jynx, Go Jynx, go Mundo, Go red team, go Soccer team, Go mundo!
Watching the news, regarder las nouvelles.
20. aimer, like.
I like you, too. aimer also means “to love”. So you can like someone or love someone. It will be just same.
J’aime le chocolat. I like chocolates. *singing* that’s a sweet song and I did it wrong.
21. croire, to believe.
I believe I can fly. Je crois que je peux voler... sounds so lame.
Je crois en toi! I believe in you, you can do it, you can learn French. Go, watchers!
22. manger, to eat.
I believe it’s time to eat. Je crois qu’il est l’heure de manger. It’s always time to eat.
I like to eat. J’aime manger. Which is J’aime again, see, you can use it for stuff you like to do like eating
*nomnomnom* What do you like to eat, by the way? Leave your favorite food in the comments.
23. boire, to drink.
This is what I have my water bottle prop along. Lya strong! To drink. It’s making bubbles.
To drink a fruit juice, boire un jus de fruits, go for the healthy choice.
24. jouer, to play.
Let’s go play again yeah! Ha ha!
To play a video game, jouer à des jeux vidéo.
I like playing by myself. J’aime m’amuser toute seule.
25. parler, to talk.
To make small talk. Parler de tout et de rien.
So don’t forget to subscribe and we will see you next time for a new category of verb. A bientôt! see you next time!
Oui oui oui, non non non. By the moon and the stars and the sky and ice cream, but I like ice cream better and if you don’t do your video correctly, you know what happens MUNDO! it stands for drinks.