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Lesson Transcript

Welcome back watchers! This week is going to be about 10 Happy Words. Let’s go, let’s be happy!
1. heureux “happy”
Because I’m happy…
Qu'est-ce qui te rend heureux? “What makes you happy?”
Leave it in the comment.
2. aimer “to like”
“to like cake” aimer les gâteaux
I like cake.
“to like someone” aimer quelqu'un
3. belle “beautiful”
I am beautiful! Belle is feminine and so beau will be masculine.
“The sunset is so beautiful.” Le coucher de soleil est tellement beau.
4. drôle “funny”
Des vidéos de chats drôles. “The funny YouTube cat video.”
5. gentil(le) “kind”
You are so kind. “Tu es très gentil(le).”
6. satisfait “satisfied”
“This meal was really satisfying.” Ce repas était très satisfaisant.
And now, I’m sleepy with my tummy filled and everything. Big hamburger is satisfying.
“Food is satisfying.” La nourriture est satisfaisante.
“I'm really satisfied with this job.” Je suis très satisfaite de ce travail.
Good job!
7. détendu(e) “relaxed”
Passer un week-end détendu(e). “To have a relaxed weekend.”
Isn’t it nice when work is over and you can just be lazy around?
8. énergétique “energetic”
Yeah! Yeah! Louder! Yeah! Louder! Yeah!
“I'm really energetic today.” Je suis très énergétique aujourd'hui.
9. fier “proud”
I should do something nice and be…
“I'm so proud of you.” Je suis tellement fière de toi.
Because you keep learning French even though it’s difficult sometimes and you’re doing good. Yeah!
10. rire “laugh”
Nyahahahaha, hahahahaha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Tu me fais rire. “You make me laugh.”
And it’s the end for this week. So I hope you are happy now. Tell me what’s your happy word in the comment. Don’t forget to subscribe for more French videos and check the website for more French lessons and vocabulary and everything French. We’ll see you next time, à bientôt!