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Lesson Transcript

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So welcome back, watchers! How are your studies going? Because this week we're going to talk about 10 ways to remember words, here we go!
1. J'apprends les racines des mots, et comment les mots différents sont liés les uns aux autres. "I learn about the roots of words, and how different words are related to each other."
Most of roots of words in French are from Latin and Greek, ancient Greek and ancient Latin, so sometimes when you know the history of the word, with the Latin word, it can help you to remember the word, or understanding where it comes from.
2. J'associe des nouveaux mots avec des mots qui sonnent similaire dans ma langue maternelle. "I associate new words with words that sound similar in my native language."
J'associe des nouveaux mots avec des mots qui sonnent similaire dans ma langue maternelle.
This one works too, it can be tricky for some of the words, for example “pub” you write pub, or pub in French, is advertising, whereas in English it's the place where you go drinking, so be careful with that one, and not mix words that are the same but not really the same, let's go.
3. J'essaye d'utiliser la langue couramment dans le contexte de la vie quotidienne. "I try to use the language routinely in the context of daily life."
One good tip for that is, for example, on your freezer, or your refrigerator, you put some stickers with the words, or of the food that’s inside. The door, you put in French “la porte”; and “le frigo”, the fridge; or spoons, “la cuillère“. So if you put the stickers you’re going to see them everyday, in your everyday life, and it can help remembering the words.
4. J'essaye de réfléchir en français pour que cela devienne naturel dans mon mécanisme de pensée. "I try to think in French so that it becomes natural in my thought process."
And after awhile you can even start dreaming in the foreign language, it's funny, sometimes I dream in English.
5. J'utilise la répétition; je lis, j'écris et je prononce des mots sans arrêts. "I use repetition; reading, writing and speaking words over and over again."
Yeah, depending on the language you need to read them aloud, because French is kinda really different when we write it and when we pronounce it, so try writing it a lot.
6. Je dis des mots à haute voix afin que je puisse les entendre correctement. "I say words out loud so I can actually hear them."
Singing in the shower. Why not? Go sing in the shower by yourself, this way you can hear the words and it's easier to actually sing words sometimes, than just speaking them out loud, so go and take a shower and sing in French.
7. Je parle le plus possible avec des locuteurs natifs. "I speak as often as possible with native speakers."
Which is a really good way, not only you get to learn to language, and you also get to meet friends, and we can correct you and help you with pronunciation and sentences, so yep.
8. Je regarde souvent la télévision ou des vidéos Youtube qui sont conçues pour les jeunes enfants. "I often watch TV or Youtube videos that are designed for young children."
And this is also a good way, because they would teach you in the video what they teach to children, and you will learn with children.
9. J'écoute des chansons et j'apprends les paroles par coeur. "I listen to songs and memorize the lyrics."
I used to do that and check the lyrics and words when I wouldn't understand, and then realize that all my favorite song have stupid lyrics.
10. Je suis persévérant(e); je pratique tous les jours en parlant à ma famille famille ou à mes chiens, même s'ils ne me comprennent pas. "I'm persistent in practicing everyday by talking to my family, or my dogs, even though they don't understand me."
Hey, kitty, how are you doing today? Hi, doggie, you're my only friend! Let me speak French to you, that's a good doggy, in French. Yeah, sure, at least you're interacting with people or animals or stuff. Plants like it when you speak to them, they grow better, it seems. So if you want a fancy plant, you can just speak fancy French to it.
And it’s the end! So what's your best tip to learn new language? You can leave it in the comment, don't forget to subscribe for more French learning, and check the website for more French and cultural point and everything else. We’ll see you next time, à bientôt!