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Lesson Transcript

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Welcome back, watchers! Did you have a good happy new year? And this week we're going to talk about 10 new year's resolutions! What are your resolutions? Leave it in French in the comments below. Let's go!
1. Apprendre quelque chose de nouveau. "Learn something new."
"What are you going to learn this year?”
“I am going to learn more drawing."
Qu'allez-vous apprendre cette année?
Je vais apprendre le dessin encore plus.
2. Arrêter de fumer. "Quit smoking."
Or don't start smoking. I don’t, it's bad for your health.
3. Économiser de l'argent. "Save money."
Arrêter de fumer me fait faire des économies. "Quit smoking makes me save money."
Because it's really expensive.
"I save money by not going shopping."
J'économise de l'argent en n'allant pas faire les courses.
Or, J’économise de l'argent en ne faisant pas de shopping.
The second one is better because we use the same shopping word in French. How do you save money? Help me by leaving your comments below.
4. Faire du sport régulièrement. "Exercise regularly."
Je fais du sport 3 fois par semaine. "I exercise 3 times a week."
You should do too.
5. Lire plus. "Read more."
"I read Sherlock Holmes." Je lis Sherlock Holmes.
What are you reading?
6. Manger sainement. "Eat healthy."
Yeah, today I had a salad and banana for breakfast, and red berry juice.
Pour manger sainement, je mange des légumes et des fruits. "To eat healthy, I have vegetables and fruits."
7. Moins boire. "Drink less."
Well, you can always drink more water, but yeah, avoid the alcohol and don't get drunk, and be healthy too.
J'ai mal à la tête à cause de la fête de fin d'année, et je jure de boire moins cette année. "I got a hangover because of the new year's end party and I swear I'm gonna drink less this year."
8. Passer plus de temps avec ma famille. "Spend more time with family."
Yeah, write to your mom and give a kiss to your dad, and be nice to your grandparents and everything. Here you go, bye.
J'aimerais passer plus de temps avec ma famille. "I wish I could spend more time with my family."
9. Perdre du poids. "Lose weight."
Only if you need to, if you’re already in a good and nice weight you don’t need to lose more.
So, ”to lose weight I exercise." Pour perdre du poids je fais des exercices.
10. Étudier le français avec Frenchpod101.com. "Studying French with Frenchpod101.com."
Why not? That could be a good French resolution. I Study French with Frenchpod101.com.
And it’s the end for this week, so tell me what's your good resolution in the comment, and if you can do it in French it's even better. Subscribe to see more videos and check the website for more French words and French culture points. Bye-bye, à bientôt!