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Lesson Transcript

Welcome back, watchers! This week we're gonna be talking about a fun topic, this time it’s - 10 Foods That Will Kill You Faster. Here we go!
1. bacon "bacon"
bacon in French, bacon!
Le bacon, come on! Everyone likes bacon!
"Bacon is worth dying for."
Le bacon vaut la peine de mourir.
2. boisson gazeuse "soda"
I like soda too!
Les boissons gazeuses, c'est mal. "Soda is bad.”
L'eau c'est mieux. “Water is better."
Water is better! They should do a poster about it.
3. boisson énergisante "energy drink"
I personally find it disgusting and not refreshing at all. So yeah, refrain from drink them.
Je n'aime pas les boissons énergisantes. "I don't like energy drinks."
It’s like melted bubbly gum. Ew!
4. bonbons "candy"
"Candies are bad for your teeth." Les bonbons c'est mauvais pour les dents.
Don’t eat too many of them.
5. chips "potato chips"
Yes, the pronunciation for chips is chips.
Les chips, c'est croustillant. "Potato chips are crispy."
6. margarine "margarine"
This is not butter, it’s terrible, don’t eat that.
It’s cholesterol-free… No it’s not, and it’s disgusting.
Mettre de la margarine sur du pain. "To put margarine on bread."
You can also use it for cooking, but it doesn’t add much to your cooking actually, use butter instead!
7. nouilles instantanées "instant noodles"
So yeah, instant noodles, that’s what students eat all the time, right? You just put water, wait for three minutes, then boof! Instant cooking!
Je mange des nouilles instantanées quand je suis flemmarde. "I eat instant noodles when I am lazy."
Because I’m lazy!
8. pop-corn au micro-ondes "microwave popcorn"
"I'm having cheese popcorn for breakfast." Je mange des pop-corn au fromage au (petit) déjeuner.
So yeah, popcorn in French is pop-corn.
9. repas congelés "frozen meals"
Because I’m lazy!
Yeah when I’m lazy I do eat that, you just put it in the microwave again.
Mettre un repas congelé au micro-ondes. "To put a frozen meal in the microwave."
It’s a bad habit, so don’t do it!
10. alcool "alcohol"
alcohol, l’alcool.
Yeah alcohol will kill you faster if you drink it too much. Don’t drink too much!
Please go over to other place.
L'alcool ça fait grossir. "Alcohol makes you fat."
And then you’ll get a beer tummy.
Be careful, stay healthy, and eat your vegetables, don’t eat all the stuff we talked about today!
And don’t forget to subscript for more fancy French. And please tell me in the comment what would be your
most disgusting bad food that will kill you faster. Leave it in the comment, which was your way of dying faster with food.
So I’ll see you next time! À bientôt!
Nice way to die, food!


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Which phrase do you like the most?

Thursday at 12:53 AM
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Bonjour Anonymous et merci pour votre message !

Je suis d'accord avec vous, moi aussi je déteste les boissons énergisantes.

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je déteste les boissons énergisantes, elles ont un goût horrible

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J'aime le goût et l'odeur du bacon.

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En tant que végétalienne je ne peux valider cette réplique ??

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«Le bacon vaut la peine de mourir.»

Je suis d'accord. ?

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Thanks for another great lesson. :smile: