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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Hey watchers, this week we are going to learn about Top 25 French Phrases. Let’s go!
1. Bonjour. is hello
Bonjour. Bonjour. Bonjour. hey. Okay now you can say Bonjour. any time of the day even if it’s night.
2. Salut. hi.
Hi is Salut. Comment ça va? hey, how are you doing? So salut is like bonjour and you can also use it to say hi and to say goodbye. So when you leave, you can also say Salut, à la prochaine.
3. ça va? how are you?
You can say ça va? like just after Salut, ça va? Or Bonjour, ça va? Or Comment ça va? if you only say ça va? it’s kind of missing something. So put it after a greeting. So how are you? How are you doing? Comment ça va?
4. Bonsoir. good evening, not goodnight.
Almost goodnight… bonsoir is also a greeting you can use when you leave or when you enter someone’s place for example if you go in the evening to someone’s house or party, you can say oh Bonsoir tout le monde!
5. Bonne nuit. goodnight.
Goodnight is Bonne nuit. person sleeping next to you Bonne nuit. or to your family when you go to sleep.
6. Oui. Yes.
Yes, yeah, oui! You also say yeah. Maybe you heard Oui. Oui. like French people often do this Oui. Oui.
It’s also a cartoon for children, Oui-Oui and his little car. You should try and watch it in French. It’s very educative.
7. Non. no.
Oui oui and non non. We often say it in both. Just use yes and no. We add non.
8. Je m'appelle (Lya). My name is (Lya).
Je m'appelle Lya. you knew that already hah! What’s your name? Leave it in the comments in French.
9. S’il vous plaît. Please.
Please. S'il vous plaît. This is a polite version and if you want a more friendly version, it is S'il te plaît. if you are asking a friend S'il te plaît.
Give me your candy, I am starving. S'il te plaît, me donner des bonbons.
L'addition s'il vous plaît. (Check, please)
10. D’accord.Okay.
So we also use okay but with a French accent Okay.
Hi, how are you doing? Want to come to the cinema with me? D'accord.
11. Excusez-moi. Excuse me.
If someone is blocking the way, you just say Excusez-moi.
12. Merci. thank you.
Please learn this one and be polite. In French, we just have merci. If there is no short version of it, then you can use it for anyone. So when you receive something at the grocery store, merci. Or when someone does you a favor, merci. If you want to be really polite or really thankful you can say merci beaucoup, thanks a lot.
13. De rien. you are welcome.
If some say merci. to you, you can just say de rien. So merci and de rien. those come in the pair. So learn them together, it’s nice.
14. Il est quelle heure? What time is it?
Or Quelle heure est-il? you will more often hear the second version Excusez-moi, quelle heure est-il? excuse me, what time is it?
15. Où sont les toilettes? where is the bathroom?
We don’t have many available bathrooms in public places and usually they are really dirty. So maybe if you are at someone’s house, you can ask Où sont les toilettes?
16. Enchanté(e). Nice to meet you.
Bonjour. Enchanté(e). Je m'appelle Lya. And here you have three of the new words together, isn’t it nice?
Bonjour. Je m'appelle Lya. Enchanté(e). Comment ça va? Hi nice to meet you, my name is Lya, how are you doing? And you have fun with them to greet people and start a nice conversation. So nice to meet you Enchanté(e).
17. A bientôt see you soon.
This is what I should say at the end of each video, see you soon or A bientôt. Use it when you leave, that’s about it.
18. A demain. See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow A demain. yeah.
19. Au revoir. Bye bye or goodbye.
Au revoir. is kind of polite. You can use it with everyone as well. So if you want to be more friendly, we use like Tchao. Au revoir is only for leaving. So yeah goodbye. Goodbye watchers, see you next time À bientôt. No, not yet, because I am going to see you guys a lot.
20. Bien sûr. Of course.
Bien sûr que c'est le cas! if you want to be sarcastic, you can say Oui. Bien sûr. We mostly use it this way because we like being sarcastic. So yeah, of course, yeah…
21. Je peux utiliser (un dictionnaire)? May I use something, something?
So fill the blank with whatever you want. Can I use your pencil? Je peux utiliser ce stylo? Oui oui.
22. Je suis désolé(e). I am sorry.
Yeah if you bump into someone, you can also use this one like Je suis désolé(e). If I bump into somebody, they won’t wake up.
I am sorry Je suis désolé(e).
23. Pourquoi? why.
why! Pourquoi?
24. C'est vrai? really
C'est vrai? fine. So if you are hearing gossip and stuff, you are going to be C'est vrai? non, non! C'est vrai? Really? Yeah and you can use it with all the intonations C'est vrai? C'est vrai? So the opposite of C'est vrai? is C'est pas vrai. No it’s not. No, not really.
25. Je ne comprends pas. I don’t understand.
Lya never understands. Lya says her own name a lot. Or else she forgets. Happened before. When someone is speaking too fast like I do, I am sorry Je suis désolé(e). you can tell them Je ne comprends pas. or yeah because I learned those fancy French words and vocabulary, you can be like Non, je ne comprends pas.
So remember those main sentences and don’t forget to subscribe and leave me a comment if you no comprends pas. Bye bye Au revoir. A bientôt Please stop it, I am waving.


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"A bientôt" means, "See you later", or "See you soon".

Il est quelle heure is difficult for me to pronounce. so is je ne comprends pas.