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Friday at 06:30 PM
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Monday at 01:35 PM
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Hi Jan,

Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately it's not possible to lower the background music volume.

If it really annoys you, please try another video series, you can find them here: https://www.frenchpod101.com/index.php?cat=Absolute+Beginner+Videos

Thank you for your understanding.


Team FrenchPod101.com

Wednesday at 07:28 AM
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The pronunciation is good. However, the background music is annoying Any way to turn that off?

Saturday at 02:27 AM
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Hi Everyone!

Just to let you know that all video vocabulary words are uploaded at slow speed in the learning center!



Friday at 07:57 PM
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Hi Virginie,

I don't mind a "late' reply. Thats OK! Thats so Nice of you folks to do this for me or anyone who wanted this done! Most people are patient waiting for a Reply because they know something most likely, is being done and i know as well as anyone else that it takes Time to Do things. I'm finding though that the more I listen to the words, that even if they are spoken at regular speed, I am hearing some more of the pronunciation of different words. For me, when most words are spoken at regular speed it sounds too fast. The 1st few lessonss were easy for me.

It just shows that your ear has to take time to begin to start being in tune with all the different sounds. I very much appreciate you inviting me to comment more. Usually I've had just enough time to listen to most of the lessons and not comment much and lately I've had no time to listen to them. But now I have time to listen to 2 lessons and comment to. So Much to do at times. I Appreciate everything you folks do.

PS I gave a fake email address becoz its Short to type and I dislike putting my address in "all" the time when I won't be contacted anyway + its Too long to type. I've got enough typing to do.

Thursday at 11:48 PM
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Hi Rita,

Sorry about the late response, we were working on your request.

Good news: there will be an audio slow version of all the videos' vocabulary available very soon in the learning center. We just need some time to work on it.

Thank you for your comment, and please feel free to comment more!



Saturday at 07:21 PM
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I think some of the words in this video are spoken too fast and I suggest maybe making a conversation out of them like the way you do with your Audios/Podcasts . Some of the words are spoken to fast and I cannot hear part of the words. Some of the words I've never heard in my life. Or maybe speak a little slower once and regular speed after that, like in your Audios. Merci. :razz: :roll: