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Monday at 11:46 PM
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Merci beaucoup pour ta clarification Marie Alice.

Et aussi merci ร  Deb P pour poser la question originale !

FrenchPod101.com Verified
Monday at 09:01 PM
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Hello Deb P and Mike Frinton,

Thank you for your comment !

Orange is invariable.

For example : des robes orange, une voiture orange, des fleurs orange.

But if you are talking about the fruit : ce matin j'ai mangรฉ des oranges (this morning I ate oranges).

I hope everything is clear :smile:

Bonne journรฉe !

Marie Alice

Team FrenchPod101.com

Sunday at 07:03 PM
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Deb P

Regarding your question from last Tuesday (or some other Tuesday) you appear to have received no answer from Frenchpod101 so, in the meantime, I will make a suggestion. I think "orange" in invariable when describing either masculine and feminine nouns (as you have seen in your textbook) but the "s" has been added in the lesson because there are several clementines being described - not just one. Hope this may help.

Deb P
Tuesday at 08:26 AM
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I have a question about the use of "orange". My textbook says it is invariable so it's correct to say "des sacs orange" without adding an "s" to the end but you've written "Les clementines sont oranges." with the "s" (sorry, I can't seem to type accents). Which is correct?

Thank you.

Saturday at 12:55 AM
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Really a nice lesson--but would be so much better to be able to concentrate on the french without the music interfering.


gypsy ingram-stow
Friday at 09:46 AM
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:sad:cant afford better lesson package,hatleygypsy2003,have learned a lot,thanks