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Friday at 11:31 PM
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serdelia, I noticed that too (re "un chaise").

I also noticed that in the video, the black text is sometimes hard to read against the photo. See "une salle de classe" and "desk".

Otherwise the video is a great learning tool. I'm new to the site so I'm just now getting the hang of how to use all of the content. Really glad I signed up. :smile:

Thursday at 07:21 AM
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Hi Serdelia,

Thank you for your comment. You are completely right. This is a typo, "une chaise" is the correct word.

We are currently working on making corrections, but it takes longer than expected.

We will make sure that for the videos to come typos (if any) will be spotted and entered in the comment section.

Thank you for your comprehension!


Thursday at 06:05 AM
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With chair, the speaker says "une chaise" but the caption says "un chaise". :cry: Is that right?