FrenchPod101 All About Curriculum 

In this set of 15 lessons, you will learn all about French society and culture. These lessons are entirely in English and are for those who want to learn more about the French language and in-depth information about the countries that speak it.

Lesson Title/Topic Function Summary
#1 History of The French Language and Top 5 Reasons to Learn French Understanding France and the French language The Focus of This Lesson is the History of French and the Top Five Reasons to Learn French
Background of the French Language
The Root of Today's French Language
About France
Number of Native French Speakers
Where Is French Spoken?
Language Differences in French
Why is it Important?
#2 The French Writing System Understanding the French Writing System the French Writing System
#3 Painless French Grammar Understanding the characteristics of French Grammar The Focus of This Lesson Is Painless French Basic Grammar
Comparison of French and English Grammar
#4 French Pronunciation Made EASY Understanding the characteristics of French Pronunciation French Pronunciation
The Nineteen Vowel Sounds & The Eighteen Consonant Sounds
#5 Top 5 Most Common Phrases Using the top 5 must-know phrases in French the Top Five Must-Know French Phrases
Phrase One: Ça va? Ça va. ("How are you? I'm fine.")
Phrase Two: S'il vous plaît. ("Please.")
Phrase Three: Excusez-moi ("Excuse Me")
Phrase Four: Aidez-moi ("Help Me")
Phrase Five: Je ne sais pas. ("I don't know")
#6 Top 5 Things To Know About France Testing yourself on France Testing Your Knowledge of French and France
#7 Top 5 French Foods Talking about famous dishes French Cuisine Basics
Regional Dishes
Popular Dishes
Seasonal Dishes
Table Etiquette
Top Five Foods for the Brave
#8 Top 5 Things You Need To Know About French Society Understanding daily life and society in the France 1. The Major City and Its Unique Identity 2. Family Life 3. Work Culture 4. Political System 5. The French "Acquired Benefits"…
#9 Top 5 Dates During the Calendar Year Understanding important holidays 1. Christmas. 2. New Year's Eve. 3. Mother's day.4. Music Day. 5. July 14.
#10 Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Pop Culture in France Talking about French pop culture the Top Five Things You Need to Know about French Pop Culture
Soccer, Tennis, Skiing, Sailing
#11 Top 5 Tools for Learning French Using the top 5 most useful tools to help you learn French Tool 1: Manuals and reference books
Tool 2: Online dictionaries
Tool 3: Spelling and grammar checkers
Tool 4: Songs and lyrics
Tool 5: A pronunciation tool
#12 Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Speaking French Avoiding five language mistakes when learning French Gender Agreement
Use of être and avoir
Subject-Verb Agreement
Conditional Instead of Simple Future
Imparfait vs. Passé composé
#13 Top 5 Phrases Your Teacher Will Never Teach You! Using French phrases you won't learn in the classroom Some Very Common French Expressions You Might Not Learn From a French Teacher
I. Cool
II. Idiot
III. Nee, ne!
IV. vol
On se fait une bouffe avec un bon petit pinard? ("How about having dinner with a nice wine?")
Ne m'anarque pas ! ("Don't rip me off")
Je suis à la dèche. ("I'm broke.")
J'ai pigé ("I understood")
Je me casse ! ("I'm leaving!")lII. krass
III. Auf keinsten
IV. Geil
#14 Top 5 Most Useful Phrases for Learning French Using French phrases useful for the classroom Je ne comprends pas. ("I don't understand.")
Vous pouvez répéter lentement, s'íl vous plaît ? ("Can you repeat slowly, please?")
Qu'est-ce que…veut dire ? ("What does…mean?")
Comment vous dites…en français ? ("How do you say…in French?")
Aidez-moi, síl vous plaît. ("Help me, please.")
#15 Top 5 Basic French Phrases Using the Basic French phrases À vos/tes souhaits ("Bless you")
À point ("medium well")
Prenons du bon temps ! Laissez les bons temps rouler!" ("Let the good times roll!)
Mon chou ("My cabbage"), mon lapin, mon poussin, ma poule, ma puce, mon coeur
C'est bien/bon. ("It's okay.")