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Lesson Transcript

Oooh look, it’s French Halloween with Lya and Mr. Skeleton. Can we have candy in there? And there was light, boo! Boo! Boo! Boo! Did I scare you guys? Hey watchers, and welcome to the French Halloween. How are you doing today? This week’s theme is Halloween. What are you guys doing for Halloween? Leave a comment below.
First word is “citrouille” pumpkin.
We have just one pumpkin right here.
You can make pumpkin soup, “la soupe de citrouille” it’s all nice and warm in the winter.
“Sculpter des citrouilles”. Pumpkin carving. Send a comment with a picture of your pumpkin carving for this Halloween.
Next one is “Une friandise ou un sort”. Trick or Treat, you go knock knock
“une friandise ou un sort” or give us candy please. Candy please! “Hey! Une friandise ou un sort!” And hang out your bag and people will put the candy inside. Go home and have candy, go, yeah, it smells so sugary.
Next one “fantôme” a ghost.
Scary ghost stories is “des histoires de fantômes”. You should tell ghost stories for Halloween. You are a skeleton, where is your ghost? You can dress up as a ghost “se déguiser en fantôme”.
“Sorcière”, a witch.
You are a witch. Tu es une socrière. Hey look it’s a fancy apple, and you’ll be like...
The witch’s apple. La pomme de la sorcière.
Witches have long crooked noses “Les sorcières ont des longs nez crochus.”
Next one “squelette” skeleton.
Friend here, sit on my lap. Hey look, I am dating a skeleton “Je sors avec un squelette.”
We hang out skeletons in the office for Halloween. “On accroche des squelettes dans le bureau pour Halloween.”
Do you do this in your own office because you should... and it’s the end. So I hope you can now celebrate Halloween in French and find something funny to disguise yourself at. So see you next week, see you!


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Thursday at 06:30 PM
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Which HALLOWEEN word do you like the most?

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Monday at 08:13 PM
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Bonjour Jane,

Non, c'est Lya qui raconte !

Bonjour Kate,

Attention, "mot" est un nom masculin donc il faut dire "favori". 😉

As for the order of adjectives in French, usually they follow the noun they describe, like in "un stylo bleu", unless the adjectives are part of the BAGS system:

Beauty (une belle femme)

Age (un jeune homme)

Good and Bad (une bonne idée)

Size (une grande maison)

"Long" belongs to the size category, therefore it comes before the noun, while "Crochu" isn't part of any of these categories, which is why it follows the general rule and comes after the noun.

Hope that's clearer! 😄

Bonne journée,


Team FrenchPod101

Thursday at 07:36 PM
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Bonjour! Mon mot favorite est "sorcière." Cette part était drole! Could you explain the order of adjectives for "les sorcières ont des longs nez crochus, s'il vous plait? Merci

Jane de Vries
Thursday at 11:47 AM
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Marie Alice est la raconteur ici?